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av RP Jihdes diabetes-bok — (34) showed a high sensitivity and positive pre- fat and insulin sensitivity Umeå: blodglukos-referensmetod som. Yellow Springs Instrument eller. Hemocue. a comprehensive analysis has been made of the sensitivity of the variables used in medtech companies such as Viggo, Hemocue and. Accuracy of a Simplified Glucose Measurement Device--The HemoCue is not related to cortisol or the surrogate marker IGFBP-1 for hepatic insulin sensitivity. Lipemi-interferens vid mätning av Hb på Sysmex XN-10 och HemoCue Hb 201+.

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HEMOCUE. Resultater med McPherson KA, Webb KH. Streptococcal Pharyngitis: Impact of a High-sensitivity Antigen Test on Physician Outcome. Journal of  Hemocue WBC-mätare för att mäta vita blodkroppar. By using the cut off level of 4% for FETCO(2) the sensitivity and specificity of the test to discriminate HVS  av U Smith — För diagnostik bör glukos analyseras med våtkemisk metod (till exempel HemoCue®).

The Pronto® DCI-mini™ devices showed considerable promise but require further improvements in sensitivity and specificity before wider adoption.


The new point-of- care assay will have >85% sensitivity and specificity for diagnosing severe anemia  Sensitivity. It is the percentage of donors with an Hb value below the cutoff (failed ) identified by ing using HemoCue by ~7–8 g/L.

Hemocue sensitivity

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Hemocue sensitivity

The Hemocue had a sensitivity range of 75-91%, specificity range of 88-100% and positive predictive values ranging from 75-80% for the detection of anaemia. The mean difference in Hb from paired samples ranged from 0.2- 0.35 g/dl (0.7%). Conclusion: The Hemocue is comparable to usual laboratory methods for determination of Hb level in children. HemoCue has been reported to be highly sensitive (94%) and specific (95%) with capillary blood when compared with gold standard (cyanmethemoglobin) method. A A single trained staff nurse carried Mean haemoglobin value, using HCS and HemoCue were 11.02 g/dL (CI 10.9-11.2) and 11.07 g/dL (CI 10.9-11.2) respectively.

The new point-of- care assay will have >85% sensitivity and specificity for diagnosing severe anemia  Sensitivity. It is the percentage of donors with an Hb value below the cutoff (failed ) identified by ing using HemoCue by ~7–8 g/L.
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Hemocue sensitivity

HemoCue is proud to be the U.S. distributor for Beckman Coulter's StatSpin® line of compact centrifuges. Designed to increase productivity and decrease time to result, the StatSpin® Centrifugation Solutions enable safe and efficient sample preparation – allowing you to meet rapid test turnaround requirements without major investments in equipment or disruptions to your laboratory routine. HemoCue was found to be the most sensitive technique (sensitivity 100.0%) while Haemospect sensitivity was 92.9% (7.1% acceptable donors were falsely deferred).

Conclusions. The difference in Hb   12 Dec 2019 Keywords: Anemia, Automated hematology analyzer, HemoCue Hb301, reported that Hemocue 301 system was less sensitive and detected  1 Nov 2019 Sensitivity and specificity for diagnosis of anemia were 81.6% (95% CI 72.5–88.7 ) The HemoCue 201+ had a sensitivity (95% CI) of 99.1%  The sensitivity, specificity, predictive values and correlation between the reference method and HemoCue were assessed. Cases with a haemoglobin  17 Jul 2009 HemoCue was found to be most sensitive technique (sensitivity 99.4%; specificity 84.4%). CuSO 4 also gave good results with overall 7.9% (80/  4 Jun 2019 These characteristics potentially make HemoCue model Hb-201+ before prescribing treatment, attention to higher sensitivity for anemia may  23 Mar 2018 In view of lower sensitivity of HemoCue using capillary blood and possibility of marginal over estimation of Hb level, few researchers advocate  3 Sep 2019 CuSO4, HemoCue and OrSense demonstrated sensitivities of 18.7, be done in the sensitivity and PPV of the non-invasive method keeping in  like the HemoCue-B allow accurate determination of hemoglobin at the bedside.
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The sensitivity and specificity for the HemoCue assessment was 94.1% and 95.2% respectively as compared to 90.1% and 94.2% respectively for the direct cynmethemoglobin method. With a small drop of blood (~10 μL), the HemoCue® Hb 201 + System determines an individual’s hemoglobin value within one minute. As the pioneer of lab-quality, CLIA-waived hemoglobin testing, we’ve built a global business around this simple yet important assay. Sensitivity 94 91 87 Specificity 82 77 72 Predictive value of a positive result 96 95 94 Predictive value of a negative result 72 61 53 Population mean (±SD): 130 ± 10 g/L (true prevalence of Hb < 120 g/L = 16%) Apparent prevalence of Hb < 120 g/L 18 20 22 Sensitivity 80 75 72 It was found that the sensitivity of the HemoCue was only 56%, and the instrument failed to detect a relevant number of anemic donors (up to 36%). Furthermore, the results of capillary Hb showed a trend toward higher values than in venous blood (overestimation of 5.9%). be 38.6% and 93.6% respectively, while for HemoCue sensitivity instrument should be used as a screening tool with caution [24].