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Two locations at Pas de Calais were planed for Gustav guns. 2018-02-27 · Named Schwerer Gustav in German after Gustav Krupp, who was at that time head of the manufacturers Friedrich Krupp AG, it was the biggest artillery weapon ever to be used in combat, and it fired the heaviest shells. Great Gustav was built prior to the occupation of France, and its role was to penetrate the fortified walls of French Maginot Line. Although termed a railway-gun, the sheer size of Gustav meant that it actually traveled in sections to meet the loading gauge on German railways. Obviously it could not be transported in one piece. The gun itself was broken down into five units; breech ring and block, the barrel in two halves, the barrel jacket, the cradle and the trunnions. 2017-05-20 · The Schwerer Gustav was 155 ft 2 in (47.30 m) long, 23 ft 4 in (7.10 m) wide, and 38 ft 1 in (11.60 m) tall.

DQY 1/72 German Schwerer Gustav Railway Gun Model with 3 Variants, Building Blocks Time Passer Toy for Collection: Amazon.co.uk: Kitchen & Home.

516 views, 4 today; 8. 3; Diamond Log; Favorite Log Gustav Railway gun built in 1.5 1 scale Download map now! The Minecraft Map, Schwerer Gustav Railway Gun (1.5:1), was posted by CraftyFoxe. Lego Railway Gun "Heavy Gustav" MOC (LDD model) 5.000 pieces.

Gustav railway gun

Gustav railway gun

The Gustav is also notable for firing the heaviest shell of any artillery piece. Schwerer Gustav (English: Heavy Gustaf, or Great Gustaf) and Dora were the names of two German 80 cm K (E) railway guns. They were developed in the late 1930s by Krupp as siege artillery for the explicit purpose of destroying the main forts of the French Maginot Line, the strongest fortifications then in existence. The new weapon was a gun about 12 meters high, 47 meters long, weighing 1,350 tonnes and was firing 10 tonnes shells through a 30 meters long pipe. 22 people could sit aligned on the barrel of the gun. The impressive weapon became known as the “Great Gustav”. Two guns of this type were ordered, the second one being named Dora.

Darkone photo via Wikimedia Only the Bruno turret was damaged, on 3 September 1944, when a shell from a British railway gun hit its elevating gear; the battery was captured shortly afterwards. Naval projectiles [ edit ] L/4.4 m Bd Z Hb (AP) - 1,030 kg. Nov 24, 2016 - Explore Thunder One's board "Gustav Big Gun", followed by 384 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about big guns, railway gun, schwerer gustav. Schwerer Gustav (Nederlands: Zware Gustaf), is een Duits extreem zwaar spoorwegkanon met een kaliber van 80 cm. Het kanon werd in de jaren 1930 bij Krupp ontwikkeld op direct verzoek van Adolf Hitler. De naam Schwerer Gustav is de Krupp fabrieksaanduiding voor het eerste exemplaar van in totaal drie te leveren stukken.
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Gustav railway gun

This image gives a good view of the tracks needed to assemble the Schwerer Gustav.

Jeffrey Jung photo. At top— Hitler inspects the Heavy Gustav in 1941. Public domain photo.
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